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The idea of reconversion and conservation of our architectural heritage, of an industrial nature in our case, is the first motivation for this project initiation.  By this way, the East Mill (Moara Rasarit) desires to become an open space for cultural events. The place, as it preserves today, offers a wide range of architectural language, symbolism and it is a subject for the exhibition of arts. The East Mill, as we might say in a more simpler and expressive way is a “space for art” – a large space destined for contemporary art, for producers, public, and for its mediators. The East Mill wishes to organise a large number of cultural events in the  nearest future possible and it also expects to be defines as a space specialised on the most present and authentic arts, not only nationally but internationally.

SPACE FOR ART (EN) The project aims to create a contemporary art venue center  where everybody can find a place to explore his/her artwork: concerts, music events, theater shows, expositions, public or private conferences, meetings, trainings,  film projections, videoart, dance- and physical theater events, workshops, happenings, national and even international festivals, …

PUZ Moara Rasarit

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